Fun in the Fisher: Designs and Spirits Sublime

There’s nothing better to liven up a mixer than with stellar design and a little drinking. Design Core Detroit made both of those happen at the Fisher Building in September with their Drinks x Design event. The spectacle spanned a large spectrum of design such as outdoor art installations, galleries, exhibits, and artsy store fronts … Continued

Right Brain Cocktails: Connecting with Copywriting

When it comes to words, the world of branding is an interesting swill. It’s a combination of emotion, value, and narration. While images and design work are very important to inciting people to consider a purchase, the final push needed for a purchase lies in what’s read. It’s no simple task either. A majority of … Continued

A month of Design and Discovery in the Motor City

Detroit tends to house its own art gallery – on the sides of buildings, inside of unused lots, on the streets, you name it. It’s a gallery that’s always on display, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to look. Design is as much a part of the city as the people that make it … Continued

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