How to Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Promoters

When it comes to long-lasting success for your brand, converting sales shouldn’t be your only benchmark. Maintaining loyal customers and converting them into advocates for your brand is an essential part of a thriving business. In fact, businesses with a large proportion of repeat customers have a revenue approximately 50% higher than related businesses with … Continued

5 Steps to Defining Your Target Market

Marketing is a science. And while it might not be as complex as splitting the atom, knowing the primary rules of this science can go a long way in helping you build a successful marketing strategy. The first rule? Define your target market before getting started on any tactical executions. First things first: what is … Continued

6 Tips for a Successful Email Campaign

Companies of all sizes rely on emails as a conduit for fostering meaningful relationships with customers. There are several built-in advantages to sending emails over direct mail; not only are they cheaper to send (no postage), but you can manage the timing of their delivery to the minute, and include links to your website and … Continued

Meet Steve

Yeah, that’s how I pose for pictures, so what? I’m Steve DeAngelis, in charge of business development and client strategy at Rebuild Nation. Although I am a recent addition to the team, I am quite familiar with and fond of how Josh built the company. It is his earnest approach to client acquisition and management … Continued

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