Where Have All the Print Pieces Gone?

This post was originally published on The Huffington Post Blog. A slice of today’s marketing landscape may seem like a washed-out snapshot of apps and microsites. What appears to be an industry devoid of print-piece campaigns is far from reality. We simply notice print less because most print-oriented strategies are not properly paired with digital … Continued

The First Steps to Designing a Great Website

With digital consumerism on the rise and brick-and-mortar shops shuttering left and right, it’s never been more evident that the website is the face of the modern business. If your website is not up to speed, your entire business may soon pay the price. The time is now to take a fresh look at your … Continued

Big Game = Big Commercials

Last night’s game between New England and Atlanta was as intense as it gets. But for those of us in the advertising industry, it wasn’t all about the game being played on the field. Last night was the one night where no one complains about how many commercials are aired. Below are a few of … Continued

Mobile Design Tips for Ruling the Modern Internet

Everyone and their mother knows that mobile device usage is on the rise. What you may not know is how precipitously the almighty desktop has fallen. Mobile now rules the dot com landscape by nearly every key metric, and experts say that trend is only going to intensify in the years ahead. Just take a … Continued

We are no longer Rebuild Nation…

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends, It started with a single client and a singular vision. It’s amazing how far we’ve come. Rebuild Nation was established four years ago in a part of Midtown Detroit that reflected the values of our agency and ideals of our clients; visionary leaders from various industries who were bonded by a … Continued

How Facebook’s Algorithm Change Affects Your Business

Late last month, Facebook announced that it will yet again be changing its News Feed algorithm. This change is designed to display the stories that are most relevant to users by prioritizing the content shared by friends and family over that of brands. Facebook users may rejoice, but those of us who manage brand pages, … Continued

Meet Joyce

I am extremely excited to join the Rebuild Nation team as the Creative Director. With over 10 years of experience and more than fifteen awards in design, I’ve built my career step by step in a variety of roles and industries, where I played many roles and wore many hats.  When I am not working at the office, I … Continued

Results vs. Creativity: Which Approach Should Your Business Take?

This article was originally published on The Huffington Post Blog. Every company needs a vision. From organizational hierarchy to employee culture, most major decisions should be informed by the overarching vision that the business owner cultivates. One of the decisions that should fall in line with the overall vision of your company is your marketing … Continued

What’s the difference between custom sites and template sites?

Choosing a design is one of the first and most important decisions when it comes to building a website. Web design plays a critical role in defining your users’ experience, shaping the perception of your company, and driving conversions. You know that maxim “you never get a second chance to make a first impression?” That’s … Continued

6 Ways to Increase Conversions Through Your Website

Get the users attention: You have 3-5 seconds to get a users attention when they arrive at your website. Make sure you show something that will keep them engaged and wanting to read more. A few examples of this are a video, live chat, strong headline, or an interesting/cool fact. Clearly Display your USP (Unique … Continued

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