Lessons From Shake Shack’s Small-Business Strategy

Say what you want about the Motor City, but there’s no denying this: we have the burger game on lock. From Corktown to Greektown, mouthwatering burger joints pepper the city like park benches. There’s Green Dot Stables, Mercury Burger & Bar and Wahlburgers. Townhouse, Jolly Pumpkin and Gold Cash Gold. Sliders, cheeseburgers and patty melts. … Continued

We are no longer Rebuild Nation…

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends, It started with a single client and a singular vision. It’s amazing how far we’ve come. Rebuild Nation was established four years ago in a part of Midtown Detroit that reflected the values of our agency and ideals of our clients; visionary leaders from various industries who were bonded by a … Continued

Meet Nick

I’m Nick Van Huis and I am so excited to be joining Rebuild Nation as the Senior Web Optimization Manager. I have been working in digital marketing for the last 4+ years – 15 years internet time – and I have learned a lot in that time. I started out working on Google Adwords campaigns … Continued

Defining Rebuild Nation

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “rebuild” as, “to make important improvements or changes in (something).” “Nation” is defined as, “a community of people composed of one or more nationalities and possessing a more or less defined territory and government”. Our company’s name is made up of these two words, not because they sound good together, which they … Continued

Career Day at Detroit Community Schools

Wednesday, April 15 was Career Day at Detroit Community Schools, and it was a hit. I was invited to participate by Ausan Al-Eryani, who by any standards, is a beloved high school english teacher at the school. I discussed my career as a graphic designer and Creative Director at Rebuild Nation, explained my career path, showed … Continued