Animal Profiles: James and Jasen

We’re taking to the skies for our April animal profiles with our minimalism aficionado and Senior Designer, James Thigpen (a.k.a. ‘JT’), who chose the eagle. Joining him is the hardest working man in the Dev Business, our resident Technologist, Jasen Wyatt, who chose the owl. To find why these great minds chose animals that hardly … Continued

Animal Profiles: Eric & Tim

The third time’s the charm and we’ve got some charming creatures for March. First up, we have our resident consumer-behavior savant, also known as our Director of Strategic Solutions, Eric Bowe. He chose the ocean’s most notable killing machine, the shark. Second, we have our home run king and story-time extraordinaire, also known as our … Continued

February Animal Profiles – Stephanie & Joyce

Our Rebuild Reporter has returned from the wild with another pair of animal counterpart connections. This time around we have Joyce Hayek, our Creative Director, and Stephanie Ekelmann, our Associate Director. Both of these magnificent women are pillars here at Rebuild. Our lives would be so much harder (and a whole lot less fun!) without … Continued

Meet Mike B.

My name is Mike Brichta and I’m so glad to be joining the team here at Rebuild Group! Following my graduation from Michigan State University I went straight to working for Rebuild as an SEO intern. For my three months as an intern I learned a ton about search engine optimization while also applying skills … Continued

Meet Amber

Hi There! I am very excited to join the Rebuild team. My digital marketing career began about 6 years ago starting with small businesses. Then, I shifted to the automotive side working with the Big 3. My goal is to take Rebuild to the next level with staying on top of digital trends and improving … Continued

Meet Joyce

I am extremely excited to join the Rebuild Nation team as the Creative Director. With over 10 years of experience and more than fifteen awards in design, I’ve built my career step by step in a variety of roles and industries, where I played many roles and wore many hats.  When I am not working at the office, I … Continued

Meet Shelby

Shelby Timmis is a graduate of Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business, where she earned a B.S. in finance. Shelby’s varied career includes internships in private equity in Birmingham, MI, sales and marketing for Betsey Johnson and Steve Madden in New York City, and nutrition and wellness consulting in Detroit. Following graduation, she … Continued

Meet Nick

I’m Nick Van Huis and I am so excited to be joining Rebuild Nation as the Senior Web Optimization Manager. I have been working in digital marketing for the last 4+ years – 15 years internet time – and I have learned a lot in that time. I started out working on Google Adwords campaigns … Continued

Techweek Detroit 2015

Roaring around the field, Techweek did not yield! Held in the Lion’s Den, Ford Field, Techweek came to Detroit for its second straight year. I was honored to volunteer and be a part of what was a highly successful two-day expo. Techweek, for those who live, “OFF THE GRID” is a weeklong series of technology-centric … Continued

Career Day at Detroit Community Schools

Wednesday, April 15 was Career Day at Detroit Community Schools, and it was a hit. I was invited to participate by Ausan Al-Eryani, who by any standards, is a beloved high school english teacher at the school. I discussed my career as a graphic designer and Creative Director at Rebuild Nation, explained my career path, showed … Continued

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