6 Tips for a Successful Email Campaign

Companies of all sizes rely on emails as a conduit for fostering meaningful relationships with customers. There are several built-in advantages to sending emails over direct mail; not only are they cheaper to send (no postage), but you can manage the timing of their delivery to the minute, and include links to your website and social pages that bring customers closer to your cash register.

For all of the benefits of email marketing, though, campaigns must be managed carefully. There’s a fine line between “conservative” and “aggressive” email marketing in the minds of customers, and straddling it can make all the difference between a successful campaign that drives results, and a failed campaign that sours their perception of your business.

Here are 6 tips for a successful email marketing strategy:

Stay on subject

A successful email marketing campaign can’t happen unless people actually read your message. A well-crafted subject line weakens the barrier of entry and sets the tone for what’s inside. Everyone has different advice when it comes to subject line writing, but these rules are pretty much universal: be useful, be trustworthy, and be interesting.

Edit and test

Emails may not appear the same on different email clients and devices. That’s why it’s important to send test emails to friends or coworkers so you can identify and fix issues that manifest on different screens. It’s also important to edit your emails for grammar and accuracy, as sloppy errors reflect poorly on your business.

Say hello

As a courtesy, send new customers a note welcoming them to your email list and telling them what to expect, whether it’s monthly e-commerce sales or weekly tips. This may result in some people unsubscribing, but it will establish a heightened level of trust between you and the rest of your subscribers.

Give them a reason to open

The lure of coupons, promotions, and exclusive giveaways is a great way to get people to sign up for emails. But don’t make promises you won’t actually keep. Bonus tip: personalized redemption codes make customers feel like VIPs and increase their excitement about receiving future correspondence from your business.

 Don’t waste their time

If you’re not giving customers a tangible reason to open the email (coupon, tips, giveaway, etc.) or delivering relevant information (product news, location changes, etc.), think twice before pushing the send button. The quickest way to frustrate a customer is by wasting his or her time with an email that has no value to them. Every email you send should have a very clear customer benefit.

Give them options

If you give customers a choice of receiving weekly emails or no emails, you might be surprised at how many people choose Option B. To avoid this dilemma, give customers options for how frequently they receive emails. Once a month might not be as good as once a week, but it’s certainly better than never at all.

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