A New Start in New Center

Rebuild Nation is an advertising agency on the rise, riding a wave of positive momentum by picking up new clients in suburban Detroit and throughout the country. Why in the world would a growing advertising agency want to uproot from the cushy confines of Royal Oak, Michigan and increase their expenses by moving their entire operations to Detroit?

Well, the answer is pretty simple…our team believes in the rebirth of our city and we want to be part of its growing future.

Below are a few reasons why we feel moving our business to Detroit is the right decision:

  • Positive Momentum – The momentum has already been underway for several years. People are starting to love working, living, and playing in Detroit again.
  • Attraction of talent – As an advertising agency, we need to be in a position to attract the best talent. It’s no secret; some of the best people want to build their careers in Detroit.
  • Positive Vibe – Detroit has real energy and exudes a positive vibe. In our industry, positive energy breeds creativity. Rebuild Nation is a creative, analytics focused, full service advertising agency. It just makes sense.
  • Business Opportunities – The start-up community is in full force. There are tons of new companies with whom to do business. It’s important for us to develop strong business relationships with Detroit’s tech start-ups early, in order for our agency to grow with them.
  • Cool Spaces – There is nothing more exciting than a blank canvas for inspiring creativity. Detroit still has tons of amazing real-estate opportunities.
  • Investing in the future – Moving to Detroit, for us, was about following our heart. At Rebuild Nation, we believe in this city and want to help contribute in order to bring it back.

There are some many other reasons to move your company to Detroit. What inspires you to want to move your business to Detroit?

All the best,


Josh Gershonowicz
Founder & CEO
Rebuild Nation