Animal Profiles: Dan & Steve

Here we are again with another Rebuild Animal Profiles installment. This time it’s a feline frenzy with Daniel Cleary, PPC Manager, who chose the snow leopard and Steve St. Germain, Social Media Manager, who chose the tiger. It’s going to be a treat to see what these two guys have in common with two cats that happen to be cousins.

Dan the Man. You’ve settled on the elusive snow leopard. What’s your fascination with one of the hardest big cats to document and study?

I just like making your life harder [laughs]. Honestly, I’ll credit Planet Earth because they have an excellent segment on them. I didn’t even know they existed prior to seeing that episode.

Don’t worry, I’ve survived a lot worse. Speaking of which, snow leopards call the Himalayas their home. So being precise and alert is extremely vital. Sound familiar?

If you take out the sub-zero temperatures and the hunting, it’s pretty close. Keeping tabs on our clients’ advertising dollars and campaigns takes a lot of precision, so it’s not something you leave up to chance.

Gambling with other people’s money never ends well. Interestingly enough, snow leopards mark hunting trails along the way with a “special spray.” How do you keep track of all the digital trails you follow?

Well, I can tell you there are no fluids involved. That would just make things complicated [laughs]. It’s really a combination of keeping my ear to the ground and staying abreast of what’s working and what’s not.

Alright Steve, tell me you’re a fan of Frosted Flakes. Tony the Tiger is right up your alley, no?

Tony is a tiger so he’s cool in my book. Although, my favorite Tigers are from Detroit. There’s rarely a day I don’t have some Tigers gear on. Over one hundred years and they’ve never left Detroit once.

I can tell. You’re looking like a super fan right now. Tigers are largely independent and tend to carve their own path in the wild. As a Social Media guru, is that something you identify with?

I’d say I’m not afraid to blaze my own trail and take initiative when it comes to leveraging social media streams for our clients. Even still, it’s a team effort and it’s great to have support when I need it.

Indeed. So, I hear you have two mini-tigers of your own that roam around your house. Would you consider adopting more into your feline fold?

It’s enough of a task with two cats, so probably not. My buddy did have six servals. Not sure how he managed a bunch of half-sized leopards running around. I wouldn’t want to make them mad [laughs].