Animal Profiles: Karim

We’ve reached the end of the Rebuild Animal Profiles, but it wouldn’t be a fair send off if we didn’t catch up with the wild man behind the scenes. Karim Booker, our Strategic Content Copywriter, decided to inject some fun into a question that circulated the office. This spurned an interesting dive into the parallels we all share with our animal neighbors on this Earth. Much of our team discovered new things about themselves too.

This time we flipped the script and gave Karim a taste of his own interview medicine. He’s chosen the giant panda for reasons we’ll come to find out soon enough.

So, it’s finally come to this Karim. It’s time for you to bare your animal soul and spill the beans on your love for pandas.

Alright, alright. You got me. I’m behind this whole enterprise. I regret nothing! Anyway, pandas are awesome because they’re living the dream. Eat, play, sleep, repeat. What a life.

That does sounds serene, but let’s be real here. Would you really be okay only eating and sleeping everyday? What about the work that you do at Rebuild? You probably should be awake for that.

Au contraire my friend! I’ve been writing so long, I can do it in my sleep. At least that’s what I tell myself. It’s like sleep walking, right? Pretty sure our clients will understand.

I’m not too sure about that, but let’s not push our luck here. There’s a duality about you – you can be very reserved or a livewire in the office. Care to share how you manage the two?

[Laughs] I chalk that up to being very comfortable at Rebuild. I’m also huge subscriber to the idea of yin and yang. Lots of darkness with a drop of light and vice versa. Tapping into either at the right time is the key. In my case it’s sanity and insanity.

Normally the interview ends here, but let’s do one more question for the road. Panda diets are 99 percent bamboo with the remainder being the odd fish or small animal. How do you compare?

That’s amazing. I need to adopt more green into my diet, but I’m not sure about eating bamboo exclusively. Can you imagine the number of splinters I’d get?

That’s fair, but a salad every now and then is probably a good idea. Okay, is there anything else you want to say to the readers out there before we shut this zoo down?

I just want to thank everyone at Rebuild for participating and being good sports. I had tons of fun interviewing everyone and getting to know what their wild side is like, literally. Also, to all the people that were nice enough to read them. Stay tuned, we have tons of content still to come!