Animal Profiles: Rachel & Becca

Welcome to the party. Murders of crows and harras of horses are on display as Rachel Sperber, our Graphic Designer, joins Becca Priester, our Office Lead, for a dance in the low grasses of the world. Rachel chose the crow, a bird nearly as crafty as she is. Becca has decided to keep her feet (hooves?) on the trail with her choice of the horse. Let’s get acquainted with some shiny wings and spectacular manes.

Well Rachel, it’s appears I might have met my match this time around. You’re a birdist after all. But humor me, why choose the bird with a reputation for bad luck and bad times?

Indeed, I’m well versed in all things bird. Just ask my parrot [laughs]. But I’ll go easy on you for now. Like me, crows are very subtle, clever, and under the radar. I also like that they’re relevant in many cultures around the world.

I’m sure he would have some words to say about you. Crows are very unassuming yet possess a lot under the surface. It’s interesting you mentioned culture. Is that something you tap into while working as well?

In a way, yes. I’d say each of our clients have a “culture” when it comes to imagery. Understanding a client’s visual language is core to my design efforts, especially when it comes to developing mood boards for branding.

“Understanding a client’s visual language is core to my design efforts” – Rachel Sperber, Graphic Designer

That makes total sense and sounds effective. Crows are much smarter than some think. They build tools and can hold generational grudges. Care to elaborate on that story about the girl who fed local crows?

Yeah, so this young girl would leave out food for the crows daily. After the crows ate the food, they would leave trinkets like earrings or beads behind for the girl as a token of gratitude. It solidified for me how smart and human-like crows are because they remembered such a thing.

Becca, Becca, Becca. You’ve chosen one of the most iconic animals of all, a horse. Would this have something to do with the fact that you used to ride them in competition? Or is that a stretch?

Not at all, what would give you that idea? [laughs] Yeah, you know, I just have a special place in my heart for horses. They’re beautiful and gentle creatures that have been human companions for ages.

Agreed. They’re up there with dogs, I’d say. But it’s often said that wild horses are hard to break in and need lots of work to reign in. As the maestro of the office and snacks, how does that compare?

It’s a lot easier to send a PSA email about dishes than it is to tame a wild beast, but everyone in the office is fairly well behaved. Especially when I return from my Costco runs. We go through a lot of snacks here.

It’s important to keep the Rebuild stable well fed. How’s life as Rebuild’s DJ treating you by the way?

I’m hardly a DJ around here. All I do is ask for any requests. If there aren’t any, I just tell Alexa to play whatever comes to mind, which turns out to be Jazz about 60% of the time. Jazz is always a winner in my book.

Yet again, we’ve covered a dynamic duo of animals and Rebuilders that continue to impress. Tune in next time for a full-on cat-attack with Dan Cleary, our PPC Manager, who chose the snow leopard and Steve St. Germain, our Social Media Manager, who chose the tiger.