Animal Profiles: Vanessa & Stephanie

It feels good to be back on land after so many interviews at sea. Helping us to get those land legs back are Vanessa Moon, our Digital Producer, who chose the pig and Stephanie Bahnmiller, our Web Optimization Strategist, who chose the lion. It’s time to bring home the bacon to the Savannah this time around.

Oink, oink Vanessa. You’ve picked the pig as your critter of choice. A very unusual one in fact. Care to explain?

Honestly, they’re just cool and fun animals to be around. As a kid, pig was my nickname, believe it or not. I like to think it was because I ate a lot. I don’t look like a pig, do I? [laughs]

Any resemblance you have to a pig is internal, trust me. Pigs are regarded as resourceful and empathetic problem solvers that figure out puzzles regularly. Would your inner-pig agree with that?

After a meal, I’m sure it would! [laughs] Problem solving and leveraging empathy in my professional and personal life are me in a nutshell. Most days I feel like Oprah. You get help! You get help! Everybody gets help!

I feel like I need to check under my seat for something free now. Curiosity is also a big trait of pigs and they’re often seen exploring just about everything. Sound familiar?

I’d say that rings a bell. Often, I find myself exploring new avenues clients have not considered before. If an idea pops into my head and it sounds just as good out loud, I go for it.


Alright Stephanie, you’ve chosen the lion and their pride. Why are you so keen on the King of the Jungle?

That’s the Queen of the Jungle to you! [laughs] Lions and I share a love for being social along with planning the next move for success. Pouncing on opportunity, if you will.

Well, excuse me “Queen Planner.” Lions are the only cats to have large manes, which makes them seem more imposing. Plus, they can rest up to 20 hours a day. Does that resonate with her highness?

My hair may be long, but I’m far from imposing. So, as tempting as relaxing for 20 hours a day sounds, there’s a lot to do when it comes to ensuring our clients’ web experiences are up to snuff.

Surely you can find a way to do both, right? The hallmark of lions is their social hierarchy of prides. There’s always an alpha. Where do you feel you fit at Rebuild?

You know what, I don’t think that dynamic fits Rebuild because we all treat each other as equals, even though we have clear leadership. When you walk into the office, you can feel those family vibes right away.