Accessibility & Title III: Making Websites Work for Everyone

Most places we frequent in the world tend to have accessibility options for those that need special accommodation: ramps, braille, auditory cues for crossing the street, the list goes on. These are also common place practices; accessibility is usually a consideration before anything public facing is created. Modern living requires people to navigate the near … Continued

From Halloween to Ho-Ho-ho: What about November?

The Halloween hangover is upon us, figuratively of course. While candy and spooky decorations are on heavy discount, the elephant in the room must be addressed. November does not get considered in the minds of consumers, aside from Black Friday. It is interesting how a whole month seems to be in the way of the … Continued

Fun in the Fisher: Designs and Spirits Sublime

There’s nothing better to liven up a mixer than with stellar design and a little drinking. Design Core Detroit made both of those happen at the Fisher Building in September with their Drinks x Design event. The spectacle spanned a large spectrum of design such as outdoor art installations, galleries, exhibits, and artsy store fronts … Continued

Right Brain Cocktails: Connecting with Copywriting

When it comes to words, the world of branding is an interesting swill. It’s a combination of emotion, value, and narration. While images and design work are very important to inciting people to consider a purchase, the final push needed for a purchase lies in what’s read. It’s no simple task either. A majority of … Continued

A month of Design and Discovery in the Motor City

Detroit tends to house its own art gallery – on the sides of buildings, inside of unused lots, on the streets, you name it. It’s a gallery that’s always on display, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to look. Design is as much a part of the city as the people that make it … Continued