Google to Require Additional Website Security

Google has been making waves recently by sending the following messages to Webmasters’ inboxes: This particular message is of note because it signals a major change in how Google and their browser, Chrome, will handle online security. Google is now requiring that any site that prompts users to fill out text in a form on … Continued

Getting Started with Local SEO

SEO management can be complex and intimidating, and there’s a lot of misinformation out there. But there are simple steps you can take to make it easier. You may be aware of the basics, but if your services apply to a particular area, local search is where you can really cash in. And if you … Continued

A Search for More Intelligent Search Engines

Using a search engine to look up the history of search engines reveals everything you need to know about how far they have come, and how far they still have to go. In just over half a second, “search engine history” triggers an astounding 37 million results on Google. That’s almost double the total number … Continued

How Digital Assistants Are Already Impacting SEO

They can look up movie times and tell you the weather. They can forecast your commute and order you a pizza. They can set your alarm and read you the news. They can even provide murder clues. Digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are the latest trend in consumer electronics — and with … Continued

Google Announces Penguin Algorithm Update

Big news out of the SEO world this weekend: Google’s Penguin algorithm update is now part of the core ranking algorithm. What does this mean? First, Google will no longer announce when the algorithm has been updated as it will be a, “scrolling, real time” update. As always SEO chatter will increase when major fluctuations … Continued

Mobile CTR Shakeup

Last week the RKG Blog posted a study with some – frankly – alarming findings regarding mobile click-through rates. The biggest takeaways were organic CTRs were dropping in mobile searches for brands due to: 1) Google changing the placement of their Local Pack in search results, and 2) due to the placement of ads in … Continued

5 things business owners should know about Yelp

Google pretty much any local business, be it a restaurant or body shop, and chances are one of the top search results you’ll see is a Yelp review. This is no coincidence. Since its genesis in 2004, Yelp has quickly grown into a powerhouse in the space of crowd-sourced reviews, giving a voice to millions … Continued

Meet Nick

I’m Nick Van Huis and I am so excited to be joining Rebuild Nation as the Senior Web Optimization Manager. I have been working in digital marketing for the last 4+ years – 15 years internet time – and I have learned a lot in that time. I started out working on Google Adwords campaigns … Continued