Coming: AdWords Feature Harnesses Power of Text

Waiting on hold is one of the few things in the world that we can all agree is terrible. Seconds bleed into minutes, minutes bleed into hours, and that annoying background music? Man, I’m getting angry just thinking about it! *Steps away from computer, takes a deep breath* It’s not just waiting on hold or … Continued

Google’s New Expanded Text Ads Could Increase Clicks

Where is Tom Petty from? This simple question might be unanswerable for many people before the internet. Now, the time between this question and its subsequent answer is almost non-existent to someone with access to wifi. We often take for granted the power of modern day search engines like Google, which, aside from satiating our … Continued

Meet Amber

Hi There! I am very excited to join the Rebuild team. My digital marketing career began about 6 years ago starting with small businesses. Then, I shifted to the automotive side working with the Big 3. My goal is to take Rebuild to the next level with staying on top of digital trends and improving … Continued