DeAngelis Downlow: Radiolab Smarty Plants, Big Data, and more

What I’m listening to: Taking Avatar’s “everything is connected” mantra to task with “Smarty Plants” This might be the best 30 mins of your time you’ll spend this month, well, outside of your favorite streaming show. WNYC’s Radiolab hosts challenge listeners and themselves with this question: Do you need a brain to sense the world around … Continued

How to Turn Loyal Customers into Brand Promoters

When it comes to long-lasting success for your brand, converting sales shouldn’t be your only benchmark. Maintaining loyal customers and converting them into advocates for your brand is an essential part of a thriving business. In fact, businesses with a large proportion of repeat customers have a revenue approximately 50% higher than related businesses with … Continued

5 Steps to Defining Your Target Market

Marketing is a science. And while it might not be as complex as splitting the atom, knowing the primary rules of this science can go a long way in helping you build a successful marketing strategy. The first rule? Define your target market before getting started on any tactical executions. First things first: what is … Continued

6 Tips for a Successful Email Campaign

Companies of all sizes rely on emails as a conduit for fostering meaningful relationships with customers. There are several built-in advantages to sending emails over direct mail; not only are they cheaper to send (no postage), but you can manage the timing of their delivery to the minute, and include links to your website and … Continued

Meet Steve

Yeah, that’s how I pose for pictures, so what? I’m Steve DeAngelis, in charge of business development and client strategy at Rebuild Nation. Although I am a recent addition to the team, I am quite familiar with and fond of how Josh built the company. It is his earnest approach to client acquisition and management … Continued