Big Game = Big Commercials

Last night’s game between New England and Atlanta was as intense as it gets. But for those of us in the advertising industry, it wasn’t all about the game being played on the field. Last night was the one night where no one complains about how many commercials are aired.

Below are a few of our favorite commercials:

Josh – Yellow Tail Wine

This commercial wasn’t interesting because of the content – it was because of how it got on the air in the first place. Anheuser-Busch has an exclusivity agreement with FOX, prohibiting any other alcohol brand from airing a commercial. Yellow Tail was able to get around the embargo by placing ad buys in 70 local markets – including the top 30 DMAs – as opposed to the one national buy. Although the content appears to have rubbed many Australians the wrong way, you have to admire the creativity it took to get the spot in the game.

Steve – H&R Block with IBM Watson

Like something out of a sci-fi movie, this spot was fascinating because of the technology it displays. Tax prep is only the beginning of this incredible computing machine.

Joyce – It’s A 10 Hair Care

Even though it’s a simple commercial for hair products, they found a creative way for a common household product to stay topical and to appeal to the masses. It is funny, out of the box and memorable. This is definitely one of my favorite super bowl commercials.

Stephanie – Turkish Airlines

This one is simple, how can anyone dislike a commercial that has Morgan Freeman talking for 45 seconds? His voice is so iconic that you can’t help but be drawn into the commercial.

Nick – Lumber 84

Ultimately it was 84 Lumber’s ad that had me – and most of the viewing audience – hooked. It may not have been as effective if Fox hadn’t made the company edit the commercial because they thought it was, “too controversial.” Showing a mother/daughter duo making the long trek from Mexico to the U.S., only to be stopped short by a border wall, ended on a cliffhanger asking viewers to go to their website to see how the story ended. I guess 84 Lumber wasn’t prepared for the interest its ad drummed up, because the site promptly crashed from the sudden influx of traffic. The ending that was cut for being, “too controversial,” depicts the mother and daughter seeing a beam of light that leads them to a door that allows the duo to enter the country. It ends with the line, “The Will to Succeed is Always Welcome Here.” In divisive times it’s refreshing to see brands take a stand for what they believe in.

David – Hyundai

My favorite commercial came after the game was over. The spot was produced quickly, many of the shots were taken during the first half of the game), it showcased some incredible technology, and it supported a cause everyone can get behind – connecting our soldiers with their families. The spot was emotional and real and it was difficult to find a dry eye after watching it.