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Our Approach

White noise is the #1 killer of brands

Is your brand breaking through or
air conditioning the outdoors?

Do you feel your marketing is air conditioning the outdoors? You know, you’re spending the effort, the dollars, but not seeing the results. Most likely your brand is mired in white noise unable to move past the competition. If so, we can help you break out.

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Five Day Workshop

We get it. You don’t have time to wait while the market passes you by. That is why we offer a 5-Day Breakthrough Workshop. The goal of this workshop is to go from white noise to Breakthrough Roadmap — all in five days. Seems intense, right? It is, but we are willing to make the commitment if you are.

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Level Up Workshop

The Level Up Workshop is designed to tackle a very specific need in one two-hour session. Sometimes, you don't need an entire roadmap, you just need to get to the next level. Whether it's identifying target desires, new market opportunities or designing brand experiences, we create a workshop specifically for what you need.

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What is it?

Our approach is powerfully simple. We believe breakthrough originates from two things: your brand story combined with your customer’s desire. The result is your Breakthrough Hook. It is unique to you -- connecting your brand with potential customers.

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Why you should care.

The Breakthrough Hook is the keystone to your brand. Everything about your brand emanates from the hook: your customer brand experience; the brand energy within your content; and even how you persuade prospects within their shopper journey.

A Few Breakthrough Examples

We thought we would give you a few examples of how to apply our approach. So we decided to create a few breakthrough white papers for the following four categories. If you're interested, we provided a link to make your whitepaper request.

Hospitality Marketing Agency

Room. Check. Pool. Check. Restaurant. Check.

just checking the box doesn’t get you out of the white noise.

A quick take: the majority of hotel marketing is white noise (Yeah, we know this is not a hot take). Look, we get you're proud of your hotel and you should be, but your hotel needs to have a hook that resonates with the travel planner’s desire. You need to be a hub for their desire - sort of a home base to get the most out of their vacation.

Learn how to find your Hotel Hook
The Autism Hook

Autistic children are unique. There is a reason why they are on a spectrum.

So why does all autism marketing look the same?

Applied Behavior Analysis (or ABA) agency marketing is in its infancy. Many agencies are aggressively growing to meet the need. If you are like other agencies, there seems to be a perpetual battle between attracting clients and adding to staff. What is getting lost in the growth is how you are different from your competition. In other words, what is your brand hook to connect with parents?

Learn how to create your unique hook
Financial Services Marketing Firms

We get it. You love finance math. You know the 4.35% APR stuff.

However, your customers just want to know their monthly payment.

As a financial institution, you love sharing your rates for mortgages, personal loans, savings accounts, and more. And it seems like every bank has “Great Rates!” The reality is we live in a society that is by and large math challenged. They don’t want to do the math, they just want to know if the payment fits into their monthly budget. Marketing to this monthly mindset is critical in growing your business.

Learn about the Monthly Mindset
Dental Marketing Company

You’re all about creating the confident smile. It seems like your competition is too.

FWIW your patients are looking for a swipe right smile.

Dental groups are in the smile business. You have many ways to improve a smile ranging from whitening to dental surgery. A market reality is all dentists are advertising the same way (can you say white-ning noise … okay bad pun). To break through, you need to go deeper. You need to get to the root of the smile - the desire that will drive them to your office.

See how to find the swipe right smile hook