Career Day at Detroit Community Schools

Wednesday, April 15 was Career Day at Detroit Community Schools, and it was a hit. I was invited to participate by Ausan Al-Eryani, who by any standards, is a beloved high school english teacher at the school. I discussed my career as a graphic designer and Creative Director at Rebuild Nation, explained my career path, showed samples of work and engaged the students in a discussion about their own paths, where they see themselves going. They asked thoughtful and intelligent questions, and hopefully they learned a bit along the way. The school brought in more than 20 speakers, including a financial advisor, a mortician, a medical student, engineers from MDOT and Chrysler, and a police officer. In total, each of the career day presenters traveled to eight classrooms, ranging from freshmen to seniors, and hopefully this wide array of career exposure was invaluable to the students.

Kudos to Detroit Community School’s high school staff and students for organizing such an event, and I thank them for this opportunity.