Don’t Let Google Know it Has the Upper Hand:

How to Optimize AdWords Campaigns to Make Money for You and Not Google This article was originally published on The Huffington Post Blog Why does using Google AdWords seem like you’re working for Google, instead of for your own business? Probably because they are raking in the cash on AdWords, to the tune of over … Continued

A Search for More Intelligent Search Engines

Using a search engine to look up the history of search engines reveals everything you need to know about how far they have come, and how far they still have to go. In just over half a second, “search engine history” triggers an astounding 37 million results on Google. That’s almost double the total number … Continued

Could Referral Spam be Skewing your Google Analytics Data?

What is driving people to your website? Of all the information available on Google Analytics, this insight is arguably the most important, as it reveals a trove of data about the success of your website, the origin of your visitors, and the efficacy of your marketing strategies. Google Analytics has always been a trusted source … Continued

How Digital Assistants Are Already Impacting SEO

They can look up movie times and tell you the weather. They can forecast your commute and order you a pizza. They can set your alarm and read you the news. They can even provide murder clues. Digital assistants like Amazon Echo and Google Home are the latest trend in consumer electronics — and with … Continued

Has Google Killed Organic Search on Mobile?

Mobile usage is on the rise. So why is exposing your business to mobile savvy consumers more difficult than ever? It’s a paradox that sums up the misery many small businesses are experiencing today when it comes to their mobile SEO. In a perfect world, search engines are utopias of fairness where every mom and … Continued

What Does Local Marketing Mean?

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Results vs. Creativity: Which Approach Should Your Business Take?

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How to Get Started With Google Analytics

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