Google Announces Penguin Algorithm Update

Big news out of the SEO world this weekend: Google’s Penguin algorithm update is now part of the core ranking algorithm. What does this mean? First, Google will no longer announce when the algorithm has been updated as it will be a, “scrolling, real time” update. As always SEO chatter will increase when major fluctuations … Continued

Mobile CTR Shakeup

Last week the RKG Blog posted a study with some – frankly – alarming findings regarding mobile click-through rates. The biggest takeaways were organic CTRs were dropping in mobile searches for brands due to: 1) Google changing the placement of their Local Pack in search results, and 2) due to the placement of ads in … Continued

Detroit Masonic Temple Instagram Named Best in Detroit

The Detroit Masonic Temple, a building which is filled with beauty but largely surrounded by secrecy, was recently named by Thrillist as one of the 23 Best Instagrams in Detroit. As their Social Media Agency, our goal has been to promote the building and to overcome the misconceptions of the building, and the fraternity it … Continued