Fun in the Fisher: Designs and Spirits Sublime

There’s nothing better to liven up a mixer than with stellar design and a little drinking. Design Core Detroit made both of those happen at the Fisher Building in September with their Drinks x Design event. The spectacle spanned a large spectrum of design such as outdoor art installations, galleries, exhibits, and artsy store fronts … Continued

A month of Design and Discovery in the Motor City

Detroit tends to house its own art gallery – on the sides of buildings, inside of unused lots, on the streets, you name it. It’s a gallery that’s always on display, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to look. Design is as much a part of the city as the people that make it … Continued

5 Reasons to Celebrate ‘Bike to Work Day” Everyday

Today the city of Detroit in partnership with Detroit Greenway Coalition celebrates ‘Bike to Work’ Day. Beginning with a gathering downtown at Spirit Plaza and appearance by Mayor Mike Duggan at 8am, riders soon spun off in groups thereafter heading up the spokes of the city’s main streets to collectively begin their commutes. Along the … Continued

Rebuild’s Ultimate Guide to the Holidays in the D

This holiday season, Rebuild Group has a gift for you: a list of 10 awesome, under-the-radar events happening in Detroit this month. Detroit is buzzing with so much activity these days that it’s hard to know what’s even being offered, much less experience it all. That’s where Rebuild comes in. We scoured the city for … Continued

Lessons From Shake Shack’s Small-Business Strategy

Say what you want about the Motor City, but there’s no denying this: we have the burger game on lock. From Corktown to Greektown, mouthwatering burger joints pepper the city like park benches. There’s Green Dot Stables, Mercury Burger & Bar and Wahlburgers. Townhouse, Jolly Pumpkin and Gold Cash Gold. Sliders, cheeseburgers and patty melts. … Continued

We are no longer Rebuild Nation…

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends, It started with a single client and a singular vision. It’s amazing how far we’ve come. Rebuild Nation was established four years ago in a part of Midtown Detroit that reflected the values of our agency and ideals of our clients; visionary leaders from various industries who were bonded by a … Continued

Meet Nick

I’m Nick Van Huis and I am so excited to be joining Rebuild Nation as the Senior Web Optimization Manager. I have been working in digital marketing for the last 4+ years – 15 years internet time – and I have learned a lot in that time. I started out working on Google Adwords campaigns … Continued

Defining Rebuild Nation

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “rebuild” as, “to make important improvements or changes in (something).” “Nation” is defined as, “a community of people composed of one or more nationalities and possessing a more or less defined territory and government”. Our company’s name is made up of these two words, not because they sound good together, which they … Continued

Career Day at Detroit Community Schools

Wednesday, April 15 was Career Day at Detroit Community Schools, and it was a hit. I was invited to participate by Ausan Al-Eryani, who by any standards, is a beloved high school english teacher at the school. I discussed my career as a graphic designer and Creative Director at Rebuild Nation, explained my career path, showed … Continued

2014: A Year in Review

2014 was a year of big changes for Rebuild Nation. With a new year on the horizon, it’s time to reflect on where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and what the future holds. I’m so proud of the team we’ve assembled and I’m confident that we will continue to develop our skills and grow as … Continued