Feedworthie Ep. 8: Serving it up St. Louis Style!

In this April edition, a faster-paced episode that we’re dubbing “Speedworthie” we take a closer look at the viral sensation “St. Louis Style” that also managed to rope in Panera Bread in all the fun. The tweet that started it all: Today I introduced my coworkers to the St Louis secret of ordering bagels bread … Continued

Adventures in Austin: The Michigan House at SXSW

A few weeks ago, Rebuild was a proud sponsor of The Michigan House at the South by Southwest Festival (SXSW) in Austin, TX for the first time. This mission of the Michigan House is to provide a forum for Michigan based companies to reach an international audience. SXSW brings together creative, entrepreneurial and business minds … Continued

The Rebuild B-Sides: Shawna Ramsey – The Connector

Life’s about connections. That’s why Shawna Ramsey, our Director of Client Solutions, takes it to the next level daily. She gives us the skinny on how she landed at Rebuild, her passions, and a bit of her pleasures. There’s a lot more under the surface on our resident bookworm, so we caught up with her … Continued

Introducing Feedworthie: A Podcast from Rebuild Group

Alas after many offbeat marketing conversations around the office we decided to hit “record” and share them to a broader audience.  Feedworthie looks at today’s biggest happenings in marketing. In each episode we examine a few topics, look at how they play out on social media and what discuss what type of impact it had … Continued

Animal Profiles: Dan & Steve

Here we are again with another Rebuild Animal Profiles installment. This time it’s a feline frenzy with Daniel Cleary, PPC Manager, who chose the snow leopard and Steve St. Germain, Social Media Manager, who chose the tiger. It’s going to be a treat to see what these two guys have in common with two cats … Continued

Animal Profiles: Rachel & Becca

Welcome to the party. Murders of crows and harras of horses are on display as Rachel Sperber, our Graphic Designer, joins Becca Priester, our Office Lead, for a dance in the low grasses of the world. Rachel chose the crow, a bird nearly as crafty as she is. Becca has decided to keep her feet … Continued