SnapChat and Instagram: A New Era for Advertising

This post was originally published on The HuffPost Blog. Every good marketer knows that keeping up with new forms of selling your brand is essential. But it’s tough to keep up with social media. So let’s dip our toes into the two most obvious choices for your next campaign: SnapChat and Instagram. If you’re marketing … Continued

Crisis Management on Social Media

United Airlines has been having a really tough 2017. By now you’re probably sick of hearing United Airlines’ name in the news. In the past month, two separate incidents have jumped off of Twitter and into the nightly news, prompting more questions than answers about United’s business practices. Notably, the way in which United’s social … Continued

2017: The Year of The Question

This post was originally published on The Huffington Post Blog. Successful marketing in 2017 requires strategic balance. Today’s consumers interact with dozens of mediums on a daily basis. Your goal, as a brand, should be to meet them at as many of these points as possible. Learning to develop effective marketing messages that maintain consistency, … Continued

Mobile Design Tips for Ruling the Modern Internet

Everyone and their mother knows that mobile device usage is on the rise. What you may not know is how precipitously the almighty desktop has fallen. Mobile now rules the dot com landscape by nearly every key metric, and experts say that trend is only going to intensify in the years ahead. Just take a … Continued

RIP Vine: The Rise and Fall of the $30 Million App

It’s crazy what can happen in six seconds. It’s even crazier what can happen in four years. Last month, word broke that the popular video-sharing app Vine would be shuttered by its parent company, Twitter — a dramatic twist for the app that in 2013 turned the six-second looping video into a social media staple. … Continued

Which Social Media Platforms Should Your Business Invest In?

With more than two billion social media users around the world, it’s no wonder big companies invest heavy resources in social marketing. In 2015, companies spent an estimated $8.3 billion in social media advertising. This figure is poised to grow even bigger as companies allocate larger portions of their advertising budgets to the Facebooks and … Continued

Health Care Marketing

This article was originally published on The Huffington Post Blog. Advertising in the health care industry is a tricky trade. From regulations to patient loyalty, it’s difficult to structure a unique campaign that entices new patients. While there is no one-solution-fits-all answer, there are some basic rules that all health care offices should understand when … Continued

How Facebook’s Algorithm Change Affects Your Business

Late last month, Facebook announced that it will yet again be changing its News Feed algorithm. This change is designed to display the stories that are most relevant to users by prioritizing the content shared by friends and family over that of brands. Facebook users may rejoice, but those of us who manage brand pages, … Continued

Who Needs to Invest in Content Marketing?

This article was originally published on The Huffington Post Blog. Consumers fast-forward through TV commercials, turn the page on print ads, and skip over pre-roll videos on YouTube. They change the channel on radio ads, are too distracted to notice billboards, and have become so proficient at surfing the web that they can tune out … Continued