DeAngelis Downlow: Radiolab Smarty Plants, Big Data, and more

What I’m listening to: Taking Avatar’s “everything is connected” mantra to task with “Smarty Plants”

This might be the best 30 mins of your time you’ll spend this month, well, outside of your favorite streaming show. WNYC’s Radiolab hosts challenge listeners and themselves with this question: Do you need a brain to sense the world around you, remember, or even learn? It just might be a matter that’s up for debate. Listen to the episode and decide for yourself:

Industry Happenings: Google’s data platforms helped millions of businesses worldwide generate billions in revenue.

Big Data is the name of the game. That’s soon to shift as Google has rolled out updates focused on giving users easier access to privacy controls. For advertising folk, that could mean a more difficult time targeting consumer behavior if more users opt to covet their data. Conversely, users that narrow their privacy settings could be targeted with ads that matter to them.

Consumers receiving relevant and expected ads based on interest will be more receptive to this type of marketing. Granted, this is already in motion, it might become a huge factor down the road with privacy at the forefront of advertising discussions due to Facebook and other big data collectors making waves this year.