Dental Survey Uncovers Marketing Insights For Dentists

Here at RebuildNation, we specialize in helping dental practices implement proven marketing strategies designed to target and acquire new patients. We recently surveyed 650 US individuals and analyzed over 200 dental practices to gain an even deeper insight into marketing in the dental industry. Below are the key data points that we uncovered.

Most patients find their dentist through word of mouth or online

Word of mouth communication was the most common way respondents had found their dentist, online was the second most common.

How did you hear about your current dentist?

  • Word of mouth (friends, family, etc.) – 57%
  • Online (Google, Facebook, etc.) – 13%
  • Insurance provider – 10%
  • Advertising – 7%
  • Referral from medical professional – 6%
  • Saw sign/location – 2%

Price, reputation, and bedside manner are important factors when choosing a dentist

Respondents cited a variety of factors they consider when choosing a dentist, but price (which includes what insurances the practice accepts), reputation (which includes online ratings), and bedside manner were the top three factors patients cited as important.

What considerations are most important to you when choosing a dentist?

  • 27% – Price/Insurance
  • 22% – Reputation/Ratings
  • 21% – Bedside Manner
  • 13% – Education/Training
  • 11% – Painless
  • 11% – Location
  • 5% – Referral

Less than 10% of patients follow their dentist on social media

Our survey results found that 9% of women and 3% of men, for a total of 6%, said they follow their dentist on Facebook or other social media platforms. With word of mouth and online being the primary methods patients use to find a dentist, we recommend social media being a high priority item for dental practices.

80% of dentists have a website

This means that 1 in 5 dentists do not even have a minimal online presence. Still, in today’s digital age, having a website is only the first small step to a successful, profitable, online presence.

Nearly half (48%) of dentists have an active Facebook page

Of the 200 dentists we analyzed:

  • 96 had active Facebook pages
  • 47 had inactive Facebook pages
  • 57 had no Facebook page

Only 24% of dentists display coupons or special offers on their website

Price and stating which insurances are accepted are important factors for patients, but the majority of dentists are not using their website to promote their pricing offers or special deals.

Only 34% of dentists list their accepted insurances on their website

A majority of dentists are not using their website to promote which insurance plans they accept even though survey results show that pricing and insurance are the two most important factors when choosing a dentist.