Ep. 3 – Fall Football Extravaganza! What’s breaking through this Fall around the NFL?

Another year, another season of football (and advertisers).

In this third episode the guys take a closer look at the approach some popular consumer brands (Pepsi, Microsoft, BW3, Reeses, Dr. Pepper) are doing in the football world to stand out.  In terms of audience size, football remains the largest professional sport in the U.S. reaching nearly 114M viewers in its opening week.

Plenty of brands are looking for ways to integrate, most notably Microsoft and the league’s unwavering use of its Surface tablet. How has this sideline product integration fared? Now in its 7th year, we discuss the pro’s and con’s of this technology alignment with the league.

Reeses has been pushing a weekly Twitter sweepstakes. Buy a few Amazon gift cards and hire a graphic designer to integrate the sport. Success?

Some of these ‘tried and true’ marketing formulas seem to still be working as reach grabs for major brands in 2018. Hear what we think of this (and for more rants and raves) in episode 3 of Rebuild Group’s Feedworthie podcast.

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