Facebook Business Manager

About a year ago, Facebook released a new version that is aimed specifically at those who manage business pages. This new tool is great for marketers and agencies and makes it easier to manage multiple campaigns, including brand pages and ad accounts. Facebook Business Manager is by no means perfect, but it does have significant advantages that can make it worthwhile.

One of the major benefits is that the process for granting permissions is much simpler. Before, granting access to an agency to manage your Facebook could get tricky if more than one person was working on it. Either you had to have the email address of all the different people (which can add up when you add advertisers, managers, and analyzers) or you had to grant access to a Gray account, which Facebook didn’t like. Now, I send a request through Facebook to our clients so they can grant access to our company, then I control permissions.

Additionally, the business manager is more organized. Everything I need to manage the various pages can be accessed from one page, giving me much easier access to pages, people, ad accounts, payment methods, and more. It becomes much easier to manage when clients and employees join or when they leave.

No system is perfect, and Facebook Business Manager is no exception. The major con that I’ve found is gaining access to client’s pages can be more difficult at times, and two cases stick out in my head. The first, one of our clients cannot access the admin portion of their page, which means they cannot grant us the permissions we need. The second is that not everyone is sure how to grant access, and because it only sends a notification to the admin, sometimes that can get lost when they are receiving a lot of notifications.

Facebook Business Manager isn’t for everyone. Most businesses only have one Facebook Page, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to utilize this service. The two types of business that should really look at this are agencies, who manage the social media accounts of multiple clients, and large corporations with multiple brand pages (think General Motors, with a different page for GM, Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, etc.).

Facebook Business Manager can be an awesome tool, and it has certainly made things easier and more organized for the Social Media team here at Rebuild Nation, but it isn’t for everyone. If you think Facebook Business Manager might be right for your company and need help setting it up, let me know!