February Animal Profiles – Stephanie & Joyce

Our Rebuild Reporter has returned from the wild with another pair of animal counterpart connections. This time around we have Joyce Hayek, our Creative Director, and Stephanie Ekelmann, our Associate Director. Both of these magnificent women are pillars here at Rebuild. Our lives would be so much harder (and a whole lot less fun!) without them. With that being said, let’s dive into what bears and dolphins mean to them.


Joyce decided on the brown bear as her furry representative. She lays out why hibernation and honey sound like a good deal.

Joyce, you’ve gone with one of the most iconic animals on Earth. Can you explain why a bear suits you? Please tell me you have a bear onesie in your closet.

Joyce: Aww man, if only that were true! I’d wear that to the office! When I think of a bear, I think of a cute teddy bear first. Then I think about how real bears are scary and can kill you with one paw-swipe. I like that “cute until too close” thing they have going on.

I can see that. Well, considering we’re about a foot apart right now, should I be worried?

J: If you don’t piss me off, you’ll be fine! [laughs] I try not to step on anyone’s toes and do my best to keep things going without much stress, if that makes sense.

That all makes sense to me. You definitely have this mama-bear vibe about you though. Do you feel like that’s true when it comes to Rebuild?  

J: [Laughs] Oh, yes! There are few moments when there isn’t someone in my office. And that’s not just for work. I’m a fixer; I like to find solutions and see all parties satisfied. So far, I haven’t heard many complaints. That’s good, right?



Stephanie has gone with the playful porpoise – the dolphin – as her animal buddy. She gives us a deep dive into why that’s the case.

Stephanie, I thought you loved dogs more than life itself? Well, dolphins are regarded as the dogs of the sea, so I guess that counts.

Stephanie: Okay, so while it’s true that I would choose a dog over 98% of things, I was told I couldn’t pick a dog for this. And I’ve swam with dolphins before and they’re great with dogs. It was an amazing experience.

Fair enough. That does sound like a ton of fun. Interestingly enough, dolphins are extremely altruistic. They love to help. Something tells me you didn’t just pick them for their dog-loving capabilities.

S: Whatever told you that is correct. I always volunteer to help when I can. It’s the role I play in both my professional and personal life. On top of that, I try to keep things light. Hard work is great, but it’s better while smiling.

It’s certainly good to have somebody keeping morale afloat. So, if Rebuild was a sandwich, which part would you be?

S: I’d say whatever keeps that sandwich together, that’s me. If it’s PB&J, I’d say I’m the jelly. You can have a peanut butter sandwich, but that’s lame. Add the jelly and now it’s a party. A productive party.


Dolphins and bears…quite an unlikely pairing, but they made for an excellent interview with two of Rebuild’s finest. Our next animal installment for March will be with Tim Galvin, our Director of Client Solutions, who chose the octopus. Then we have Eric Bowe, our Director of Strategic Solutions, who chose the shark. Deep sea delights await, so stay tuned!