Introducing Feedworthie: A Podcast from Rebuild Group

Alas after many offbeat marketing conversations around the office we decided to hit “record” and share them to a broader audience.  Feedworthie looks at today’s biggest happenings in marketing. In each episode we examine a few topics, look at how they play out on social media and what discuss what type of impact it had on the brand. Your hosts for this inaugural episode are Steve DeAngelis (Vice President, Strategic Solutions), Eric Bowe (Director, Strategic Solutions) and Steve St. Germain (Social Media Manager).

In episode 1 “IHOB, Amazon and tales of Twitter Tech”, you’ll meet the crew as they cover IHOP’s recent burger stunt, Taco Bell’s nacho fries and how Amazon fared with Prime Day 2018. Finally, we’ll analyze some conversations around the largest TV / Internet providers.  Have a listen:

For future episodes you can find us by searching “Feedworthie” in your favorite player or just click one of the following links: PocketCasts, Spotify, Anchor, Overcast, RadioPublic, Breaker, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.

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