Feedworthie Ep. 2: Nike’s Social Explosion, Back-to-School and the Fall Food Crave

We’re back! After launching our first episode we received some great feedback. Thank you to everyone for the support and for giving it a listen.

In episode two of our saga, the crew will look at which retailers are making the biggest splash in the inevitable back-to-school wave. Find out if Steve DeAngelis would rather order a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Ockotoberfest beer.

Also, we look at the impact Nike had with it’s 2018 “Just Do It” content featuring former NFL-star turned sideline protester Colin Kaepernick.  And finally, would you name your baby Harland for $11,000?!?  Fast food giant, KFC seems to think you might with their latest PR stunt.

Baby Harland

“…Feedworthie or worthless?”

Feedworthie looks at today’s biggest happenings in marketing. In each episode we examine a few topics, look at how they play out on social media and what discuss what type of impact it had on the brand.

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