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Episode 008

Serving it up St. Louis Style!

In this April edition, a faster-paced episode that we’re dubbing “Speedworthie” we take a closer look at the viral sensation “St. Louis Style” that also managed to rope in Panera Bread in all the fun. The tweet that started it all: And then the brands jumped in… Panera interjects to steer the conversation. This is … Continued

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Episode 007

BK takes on KFC and why the Sephora App is so addicting (or so we hear).

What a month! We’re back unwrapping Burger King’s new Grilled Chicken Sandwich- which recently took on KFC in a battle of the fast food chicken sandwiches. We’ll even taste test the sandwich (in-studio) so you don’t have to! We’re also looking at the highly addicting Sephora app and its Beauty Insider loyalty program, are you … Continued

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Episode 005

New Years Resolutions, Pre-Super Bowl Buzz and Wendy's #NationalRoastDay

In this episode, the guys cure their holiday hangovers and take a look at which weight-loss programs have been generating the most chatter and take advantage of the cyclical health-related resolution buzz. We look at what people are actually saying about Capital One’s approach to driving foot traffic to its retail locations, dubbed the “Capital … Continued

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Episode 003

Fall Football Extravaganza! What's breaking through this Fall around the NFL?

Another year, another season of football (and advertisers). In this third episode the guys take a closer look at the approach some popular consumer brands (Pepsi, Microsoft, BW3, Reeses, Dr. Pepper) are doing in the football world to stand out.  In terms of audience size, football remains the largest professional sport in the U.S. reaching … Continued

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Episode 002

Nike’s Social Explosion, Back-to-School and the Fall Food Crave

We’re back! After launching our first episode we received some great feedback. Thank you to everyone for the support and for giving it a listen. In episode two of our saga, the crew will look at which retailers are making the biggest splash in the inevitable back-to-school wave. Find out if Steve DeAngelis would rather … Continued

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Episode 001

IHOB, Amazon and tales of Twitter Tech Support

Alas after many offbeat marketing conversations around the office we decided to hit “record” and share them to a broader audience.  Feedworthie looks at today’s biggest happenings in marketing. In each episode we examine a few topics, look at how they play out on social media and what discuss what type of impact it had … Continued

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