Episode 005 -

New Years Resolutions, Pre-Super Bowl Buzz and Wendy's #NationalRoastDay

In this episode, the guys cure their holiday hangovers and take a look at which weight-loss programs have been generating the most chatter and take advantage of the cyclical health-related resolution buzz.

We look at what people are actually saying about Capital One’s approach to driving foot traffic to its retail locations, dubbed the “Capital One Cafe” now in 32 locations across the U.S. It’s a hybrid bank, coffee shop and co-working space. What do you think, if they opened one of these cafes in downtown Detroit, would you stop in?

Walmart also dropped “Famous Cars” a nostalgia fueled digital video during the January 7th Golden Globe Awards that quickly went viral on social.

We looked at this and loved it! Check the video in full out below and hear our commentary in episode 5 of Rebuild Group’s Feedworthie podcast.

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