Google Announces Penguin Algorithm Update

Big news out of the SEO world this weekend: Google’s Penguin algorithm update is now part of the core ranking algorithm.

What does this mean? First, Google will no longer announce when the algorithm has been updated as it will be a, “scrolling, real time” update. As always SEO chatter will increase when major fluctuations in SERPs and rankings occur, giving us an idea of when an algorithm update has occurred, but there will no longer be official updates. Second, the algorithm will no longer penalize sites as a whole, instead only penalizing the “spammy” portions of the site. Meaning, only pages or portions of the site that have been deemed spammy will be affected. This is interesting news as it allows SEOs to be more adventurous with their offsite optimizations without having to worry about getting their whole site penalized.

How does this affect us and our clients moving forward? There is minimal impact. We keep our SEO┬ámostly white hat and don’t acquire links from spammy sites that are more likely to get us penalized – Penguin mostly looks at unnatural link signals.