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Technology Marketing Services

Gaining a Tech-advantage

Tech success is applying new technology to a person’s motivations in the marketplace.

We are pragmatic technologists. We revel in what’s next, however, implementation must be about getting results. Our technology marketing services successes begin with understanding a person’s motivations in the marketplace, and then using technology to out-market the competition.

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Our Flame relationship is over three years in the making. The primary purpose of their web presence is to intercept homeowners in need of a furnace or air conditioner and convert them to call. In 2017, Google Local Services became available in the Detroit DMA. Throughout the launch of the product, we were in contact with Google. The result is we were the first to implement it within the HVAC category. Google Local Service guarantees top of search page placement, and you can contact Flame directly from the ad. Currently, about 35% of Flame leads are coming from Google Local Services.

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Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics

Bright Side Dental has been a Rebuild client for over six years. An issue identified in 2017, was lower rankings for orthodontic search terms. Content strategy alterations occurred resulting in less formality and switching to a question / answer format. By researching frequent questions about braces and a product called Invisalign, we were able to improve performance through high-ranking Knowledge Boxes. The results were higher rankings, more content engagement, and more conversions. Bright Side also out-ranks Invisalign (a national brand) for their own brand name in the US.