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Healthcare Marketing Services

Healthcare Breakthrough

Healthcare marketing is primarily ego-centric white noise often failing to connect with a patient’s core desire.

We have a wealth of experience with healthcare marketing services, from hospitals to multi-location practices to insurance companies. Most brands within the healthcare category live in the white noise of how they are better. They have the best practitioners, the best facilities, and the best research. We found the key to breakthrough in the healthcare field is about creating emotional connections with a patient’s intrinsic desire.

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Munson Healthcare: Otsego Memorial Hospital

Munson Healthcare Otsego Memorial Hospital has been a client for four years. During this time they have faced competition from the invading McLaren Health System. An area of particular concern was the maternity care services. We ran a campaign that followed the seasons of peak conception-when expecting parents are selecting the hospital they’ll trust to deliver their baby in. Tapping into the desire of the mom’s #cantwaittomeetyou attitude, the creative and targeted digital ad plan led to the hospital’s best month for maternity revenue in the system’s history.

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Bright Side Dental & Orthodontics

Our relationship with Bright Side Dental is one of constantly finding ways to out-market the competition. Many dental chains solely market about their expertise, insurance, and the in-chair experience. We inverted the equation by mining real-world social experience to identify opportunities through digital ethnography. One theme uncovered related to dental appearance and dating. This inspired the creation of a campaign targeting young adults to get their best smile on through orthodontics and teeth whitening. A nuance of this campaign was directed at teens stressed out about school pictures and how to get a photo ready smile.