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Startup Marketing Case Studies

Start-Up Catalyst

One way to achieve aggressive growth is to act like a start-up.

Many of our current clients have aggressive growth plans. Sometimes, this means taking their marketing to the next level. With other clients, this means starting from scratch – rethinking their marketing approach. Regardless of the scenario, we believe looking at situations with a start-up mentality reveals opportunities for accelerated growth.

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GM Marketplace

We have been working with GM for two years to fuel a start-up called Marketplace, the in-car e-commerce platform. Our mission was to help sell the platform internally at GM and externally to merchants. This wasn’t about traditional PowerPoints and media kits, this required an interactive sales experience that would make brands look twice. We set out to create a series of interactive tools that gave merchants first-hand experience of a platform they wouldn’t see in vehicles for over a year. Fast forward to today, this now award-winning product will change drivers’ behaviors behind the wheel going forward. This includes paying for fuel, ordering food and making reservations, all from your car’s dash.

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Diversified Members Credit Union

Diversified Members Credit Union (DMCU) is a client added to our roster this year. They have aggressive goals and needed to rethink their approach in a highly competitive market. Their category white noise focused on rates and rewards. Our digital ethnog­raphy uncovered the insight that people in the US primarily live month to month. Life is a series of monthly payments. When shopping for major items, we normally think about the monthly payment impact on our lives. This insight carved out new territory about owning your month - promoting DMCU products by focusing on monthly payments and monthly rewards.