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Integrated Marketing Services

Jamming to an Integrated IQ

Creating integrated marketing begins with an integrating approach to coming up with ideas.

We pride ourselves in working with clients to maximize their resources. Some clients have marketing resources on staff; some hire a channel expertise; and some do a combination of both. Regardless of the configuration, we excel at jamming using an integration approach to get the most out of our client’s teams.

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Treetops Resort

Jamming with Treetops included not only marketing staff but also people in charge of different areas of the resort. To move Treetops aggressively forward, workshops were held on-site to rethink their brand experience in order to increase the value proposition for new targets. A workshop “sandbox” focused the brainstorming around a specific target desire, and then created space to jam ideas that would create a robust experience from check-in to check-out.

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Michigan Science Center

Jamming with MiSci included on-site marketing personnel, several channel agencies, and staff in charge of programming for the hands-on museum. The workshop goal was to increase relevance throughout the year to drive more visitation and donors. The workshop “sandbox” focused on relevant social threads each month. We jammed on how to make MiSci relevant within the monthly thread by creating a layered experience leveraging exhibits, programming, associations (e.g., high school clubs, professional associations), and sponsors.