In today's scrollable economy

In today’s Scrollable Economy, brands are built by experiences, not ads. Like seeing a band in concert, we believe brand experiences are emotionally powerful. Experiences that unite a brand story and a person’s desire – online, offline, and through their product experience. And what about those ads? Well, they are the invitations to powerful experiences.

Rockin’ the 5 Day Brand Jam

We get it. You don’t have time to wait while the market passes you by. That is why we offer a 5-Day Brand Jam. This brand jam is a collaborative effort with internal marketing teams or client’s with internal agencies. The goal of this workshop is to go from white noise to a breakthrough roadmap — all in just five days. Seems intense, right? It is, but we are willing to make the commitment if you are.

A few clients
we've jammed with:

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Inspiring future vehicle design to build connections with new customers based on driver desires.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Uncover social “pain” conversation threads to unlock category defining experiences.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Revealing the chill, funky secret right in Detroit’s backyard.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Jump start new car-tech by being a start-up catalyst within a Fortune 10 company.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Creation of content and web experiences that increase donations by fueling donors emotional desires.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Take travel to a new place by redefining their resort experience.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

A C-suite jam session solving talent issues challenging companies today.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Going beyond rates to attract people to a financial neighborhood.

Rebuild Group Client Logo.

Out marketing national retailers to hijack the fashion deal seeker.

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“You can’t save Detroit. You gotta be Detroit.”

Antonio “Shades” Agee,
Detroit Graffiti Artist

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The City of Design

Detroit is the first and only American City to be named a UNESCO City of Design. The honor recognizes Detroit’s legacy and community to promote creative industries. Detroit joins 116 cities worldwide in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network.

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Live from Detroit

Detroit has the second largest theater district, second only to New York City, with an impressive 13,000 seats within a two-block radius.

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Our Jamming Heroes: The Funk Brothers

The Funk Brothers were the studio band for Motown that jammed with many of the famous Motown artists including Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, Jackson 5, and the Supremes. Also, were on more number one hits than the Beatles, Elvis, the Rolling Stones, and Beach Boys combined!

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