5 Tips to Elevate your Instagram Game this Labor Day Weekend

We all love a good long weekend and Labor Day is one the best of the year for us here in Michigan.  Before heading into the weekend and posting a flurry of photos, be sure to take a look at our top 5 tips you can use today to take your Instagram game to the next level:
  • Curate your grid. Sometimes its best to think of your profile as the front door (or homepage) to your content. Ideally it should keep a consistent theme or aesthetic to tell users what you’re all about at a glance. To help with this, consider using apps like Preview or Plann which allow you to visualize your grid before posting. You can also tweak your page by using the archive feature to hide posts.

  • Now, get tagging! If you’re looking for more engagement… adding tags to your post is the quickest and easiest way to increase the volume of likes and comments. Its been proven that posts with location tags receive 79% more engagement than those that don’t.
  • Break out of the box. In 2015 Instagram introduced the portrait post (4:5 ratio) expanding up from the legacy square 1:1 dimension. Taking advantage of the portrait format allows you to use 25% more screen real estate! That’s a lot more space for people to enjoy your beautiful pics
  • Use a notes app. If you’re going out, save yourself some time by using a notes app to queue up some copy and info. I like to jot down any relevant usernames, event hashtags and even photo captions to have at the ready. That way, once you snap that perfect photo its a simple copy & paste to get it up and get you back to enjoying the moment.
  • Flip on measurement. Sometimes it can be tough to figure out what exactly worked and what didn’t on Instagram. With one quick-step you can unlock an entire suite of metrics that includes post impressions, profile visitors, post saves and even audience demographics.

Our photography lesson will have to come later, but hopefully these tips will help you streamline and boost your publishing!  Be sure to show us how you’re spending your weekend by dropping us a mention- we’ll be sharing our favorite pics over on our agency account: @rebuildgrp. 👍

BONUS: For even more inspiration we’ll leave you with a look at some of our favorite local Michigan accounts around the state:

chasing boats, chasing fish | #midwesttilldeath

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Brothers 🤙

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Enjoy the weekend!