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Our Jamming Playbook

Now more than ever, businesses need ideas (virtually, too)

Brainstorming to generate new ideas is an art, not just an exercise. What we have done is distilled this art form into a playbook. The Jamming Playbook is designed to get people out of their comfort zones and stimulate their creative juices. The different methods come from artists in the entertainment industry and how they created breakthrough hits, shows or performances. The goal of the playbook is simple: to help you take your brainstorming to another level.

If you’re curious what a virtual Jam session could look like for your business, let’s talk.

Brainstorm like a rock star

Do you want to know what the Jamming Playbook is all about? Well, we have a video for you. The Rebuild Head Jammers, Steve DeAngelis and Eric Bowe, discuss the Jamming Playbook and how Rebuild helps clients brainstorm like a rock star.

Let's get uncomfortable

We jam based on Lady Gaga, Robin Williams, Stephen King and more. No, you can’t meet them. Sorry about that. We don’t have their agents’ numbers. However, we find their stories are inspiring. Inspiration on how they overcome writer’s block or gave a great performance. Inspiration we put into our Jamming Playbook. It works so well, we thought we'd share it with everyone. We offer the following two ways to jam.

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Art of Jamming Workshop

We work with you to design a workshop based on your specific needs. The workshop includes:

  • Defining the session North Star to focus brainstorming
  • Assisting in placing people in groups to optimize sessions
  • Determining the methods that will work best for your workshop
  • Facilitating the sessions
  • Consulting on how to incorporate ideas into actionable steps

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Jamming Over Coffee

We provide an overview of the Art of Jamming for your team, including the rules for running a successful session and a walk-through of the Jamming Playbook. We’ll even bring the refreshments!

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So what's in the playbook?

At Rebuild, we are always trying to find better ways to Jam. Over the years we studied artists in the entertainment industry to understand the methods they used to be great at their craft. When we found a worthwhile method, we tried it, and if it worked well, we added it to our playbook.

There are currently twenty-two methods in the Jamming Playbook, each based on an artist’s approach to creativity. We show you how to use each method in a Jam Session and give examples of how we applied the method.

Like The Funk Brothers, we jam with everyone

If you are unaware, the Funk Brothers were the studio band for Motown. They played with many of the famous Motown artists including Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, Jackson 5 and the Supremes. Also, they played on more number one hits than the Beatles, Elvis, the Rolling Stones and Beach Boys combined!

So, what does this have to do with Rebuild? While we are not accomplished musicians like the Funk Brothers, we are accomplished at jamming with many different clients.

The following is a list of clients we've jammed with over the years.

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