Meet Josh

I’m Josh Gershonowicz, founder of Rebuild Nation. I started this company in 2012 so that I could use my skills to help people and companies grow and realize their potential. I wanted to create an agency focused on analytics and more importantly, accountability – a trait not always valued at some of the larger agencies. Our vision for Rebuild Nation is to become an influential leader within the healthcare industry and establish ourselves as a world-class agency that takes an analytical approach to advertising and marketing.

We’re prepared for rapid growth, and I look for colleagues and employees who are ready, willing, and able to grow with us. I try to foster a company culture that is fun, inclusive, creative, and encouraging, and I believe I’ve surrounded myself with some really great people. On a day-to-day basis, I have my hand in everything from account management to business development to media buying and accounting.

When I’m not working, I try to maintain an active role in the Detroit community through my membership at the Detroit Athletic Club, planning and attending events, and participating in sports leagues. I’m very excited about the potential for Rebuild Nation and the city of Detroit in general, and I look forward to all of the new opportunities for development that will come our way.

Josh Gershonowicz


Rebuild Nation