Meet Mike B.

My name is Mike Brichta and I’m so glad to be joining the team here at Rebuild Group! Following my graduation from Michigan State University I went straight to working for Rebuild as an SEO intern. For my three months as an intern I learned a ton about search engine optimization while also applying skills I learned from my degree in professional writing. By the end of my internship I knew I had found a place that I really enjoyed working at. For three months my name in the office was “Intern Mike”, and I really did like the nickname, however “Full-time Mike” also has a good ring to it.

Outside of work I like to spend time, well, outside. Often I do this in the form of running because I’m one of those weird people that enjoy that activity. I also like to lazily strum power chords on my guitar if I get bored of sitting inside for too long. When in doubt I listen to heavy metal covers of Beach Boys and Rihanna songs. I’m really looking forward to honing my SEO skills as well as absorbing all of the other wonderful knowledge my outstanding co-workers have.