Meet Pam


My name is Pam Lenning. I am the Advertising Production Manager here at the amazing Rebuild Nation.

What does a Production Manager do, you ask…?

My day-to-day responsibilities consist of managing all client affairs. When a new project comes in, I delegate responsibility to the appropriate party and then back to the client. Sounds easy enough right? In theory, yes. Until you see my three page daily to-do list! But that’s what I love most about my job – the excitement of creating something amazing for our clients and meeting new challenges every day.

I grew up with the goal of becoming an artist. I quickly realized that becoming a “starving artist” was not ideal for me so I started my professional career in the Graphic Design field. Once I was immersed in the advertising industry, other areas started to intrigue me. I progressed into PR, Web Development, Social Media, and just about every other position within the company. (Yes, I am a rock star…in case you were wondering).

On the home front, I live in St Clair Shores, MI. I have a wonderful husband and two of the most adorable children in the whole wide world. My family has been remarkably supportive of my career goals. It is not always easy to raise a three year old and an 11 month old when you work full time. Rebuild Nation has allowed me to reach those goals and have the flexibility to make time for my family.

It is very rare that someone can say that they are excited to go to work everyday and I am one of those lucky few!

Pam Lenning
Production Manager
Rebuild Nation