Meet Steve

Yeah, that’s how I pose for pictures, so what?

I’m Steve DeAngelis, in charge of business development and client strategy at Rebuild Nation. Although I am a recent addition to the team, I am quite familiar with and fond of how Josh built the company.

It is his earnest approach to client acquisition and management that first piqued my interest. One of the most important elements of writing our clients’ marketing strategies is our accountability and how we measure the impact of our efforts. In fact, this best sums up my position at Rebuild Nation – finding clients and strategic partners that all work to achieve the same goal.

I’ve been able to develop my career in the strategy and analytics field thanks to many of advertising brightest people from the finest agencies in Detroit. My mission is to bring that same level of thinking to Rebuild Nation and grow our business to never-before-seen levels. This is only possible if we meet and work with eager clients that want to see their business grow.

It just so happens that I get to work alongside of a group of people here that I respect and in whom I see limitless potential.

While I have many hobbies fueled by nostalgia, these days if I’m not working, you’ll likely find me on the lake or traveling with my amazing wife and beautiful little girl.