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What is your Recovery Roadmap?

When the lockdown is lifted, business will not go from 0 to 100 overnight. There are different psychological factors impacting our next normal, like a person’s health mindset, financial duress, risk aversion and behaviors created during the lockdown.

We work with clients to chart a roadmap to engage people on their terms to drive revenue.

Three perspectives to consider for your Recovery Roadmap

There are three perspectives you should consider for your recovery roadmap.

Psychographic Mindsets

People will act differently based on their mindset. There are different mindsets to consider when building your roadmap including health, germaphobia, financial, risk aversion and existing personal biases. The mindsets will impact on how quickly people progress through behavioral phases (below) and re-establish relationships with brands and businesses.

Behavioral Phases

People will emerge at their own pace. There are four phases people will behaviorally progress through, beginning with My Personal Lockdown, where many people will continue their seclusion until they feel comfortable lifting their lockdown behaviors. People will progress through different phases until they reach the final phase, My Next Normal, which is a combination of behaviors prior to lockdown and behaviors established in lockdown.

Category Impact

Each category is affected differently by the lockdown. Some essential businesses stayed open while others closed completely. At Rebuild, we have clients at both ends of this spectrum. As you can imagine, recovery roadmaps will vary based on the product or service category.

Our goal with each client roadmap is to infuse these three perspectives and create a plan to optimize their marketing spend to generate maximum revenue.

Getting to your Recovery Roadmap

So how do we get to your recovery roadmap? We would actively work with you to understand the psychological impact of the lockdown and how to chart a course to maximize your marketing dollars and revenue potential.

We would do this through a virtual jam session in two parts:

  1. The first part is an immersion into your business to understand the psychographics of your key customers.
  2. The second part is a virtual jam session we would lead with your team to define your roadmap based on business and category implications.

If you would like to engage us to help you or to learn more, contact Steve DeAngelis at [email protected].