Animal Profiles: Eric & Tim

The third time’s the charm and we’ve got some charming creatures for March. First up, we have our resident consumer-behavior savant, also known as our Director of Strategic Solutions, Eric Bowe. He chose the ocean’s most notable killing machine, the shark. Second, we have our home run king and story-time extraordinaire, also known as our Director of Client Solutions, Tim Galvin. He went with the craftiest underwater invertebrate around, the octopus. Let’s find out why these animals resonate with these two veterans of solutions.


We’ll start with Eric and discover why sharks mirror his methods to the madness.

Alright Eric, we all know Jaws is a classic, but that can’t possibly be why you chose the shark right?

You’re close, but no cigar. Seeing as how sharks must remain in motion or they’ll die, that’s pretty much the same in our industry. If you’re not trying to improve or broaden your horizons, you’re going to stagnate and get left behind.

Can’t argue with you there Eric. It’s also known that sharks don’t sleep. Is that true for you as well?

My mind is always going when it comes to media and consumer behavior, but I’ll guarantee you that I sleep just fine. It’s especially important when you spend as much time as I do thinking about this stuff.

Finding sanity in slumber. That’s a useful skill. Lastly, it’s been said that sharks are often misunderstood as just killing machines. Do you ever feel misunderstood sometimes?

I can’t say I know how a killing machine feels, but I put it this way: either I’m crazy or nobody is getting it. And it’s probably the latter [laughs].


An octopus Tim? Now that’s interesting. What’s your logic behind that pick?

It’s been my favorite animal for a long time. They’re extremely intelligent and they adapt well. And you told me that they can unscrew jars, grab what’s inside, then screw the lid back on. Well, I guess they’re also super tidy! I like that [laughs].

I was amazed when I learned that too. Octopuses are seen as nature’s multitasker, is that something you consider yourself to be when it comes to your role?

It’s a juggling act most days between managing clients, projects, and the expectations for both, so I’d say yeah. It’s all about forward progress, keeping the work smart, and our clients happy. Eight arms would be useful though [laughs].

They’re definitely masters of adaption, like you apparently. So, what’s this story about the Detroit Red Wings and octopuses you were mentioning?

In the early 1950’s the Cusimano Brothers, who owned a fish market in Detroit, tossed an octopus on the ice at The Olympia to represent the eight wins it took to win the Stanley Cup.   It’s been a Detroit tradition during the playoffs ever since then. Except now, I think they throw you in the clink for the night if you toss one on the ice. That’s just not fun.

Now that’s some history for you folks! Octopuses on the ice and sharks being misunderstood. An unlikely combination, but it worked out in the end. Both of Rebuild’s solution experts have imparted some useful wisdom and lasting impressions. Next up we’re taking to the skies with James Thigpen, Senior Designer, who chose the eagle and Jasen Wyatt, Technologist, who chose the owl for our April entry.