Content Marketing Services

Marketing is about promoting and selling products and services. But, in order for any promotion to occur, you must first determine the platform through which it will take place. At Rebuild we analyze the brand and the audience to determine what type of content marketing services to provide. We feel it is important to tell your story accurately, not just in a factual way, but in a way that also communicates who you truly are to the customers you are trying to reach. Different outlets allow you to tell stories in different ways. Sharing something through a picture on Instagram, a video on YouTube, or a combination of the two on Snapchat will change the way your message is interpreted. And that’s only scratching the surface of the content marketing services we consider. Social sharing is only one piece of the much bigger puzzle that makes up our content marketing services. Let us help you put that puzzle together. In today’s marketplace one of the first places interactions happen is online. That’s why having written content on your website is absolutely crucial. When someone visits your company’s website they want to know who you are, what you do, and what you can offer them. This is what a large part of our content marketing services focus on. Quality content can make the difference between a customer who immediately leaves your site and one that stays to learn more. As long as the information provided is of value to them, you’re doing them a service by improving the overall experience of your site. This quality content can be generated in the form of testimonials, client case studies, product descriptions, images and infographics, company blog posts, and more. Just like the social media sharing options mentioned earlier, each of these types of content provide different ways of telling your company’s story. In addition to increasing your site’s quality, having more content will also help to increase the ranking of your site in search engine results.

Rebuild’s SEO team carefully selects keywords based on data-driven research. With the help of appropriate keywords your content will be further optimized to attract valuable search engine traffic. Our content marketing service are not necessarily a separate practice from the rest of our strategy. Rebuild specializes in integrating all of our skills from SEO to social media, graphic design, and video production to provide you with the most wholesome, beneficial approach to content marketing.