The Rebuild B-Sides: Nick the Optimizer

The search is over folks. We took a dive into the world of Nick Van Huis, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Manager. While we already have a good few minutes of him in action, he had a lot more to say about what goes on in SEO Land.

Sometimes experiments are a good thing. Nick says that one of his favorite aspects of SEO is trying new avenues for improving ranking and visibility to potential consumers for our clients. He recalls this following example for Bright Side Dental:

“One of the experiments we ran on the Bright Side website was to rank for voice searches. If someone asks a question about orthodontics, Invisalign or targeted phrases using a voice assistant like Google Home or Alexa, Bright Side’s website would show up in the results based on triggers we would set.

For example, a question like ‘How long do you wear Invisalign?’ would prompt the voice assistant to start giving that person more information depending on a few factors, but Bright Side Dental would come up in the list of results the assistant would read off, with the option for that person to call Bright Side directly.”

Getting our clients exposure and engagement through SEO isn’t Nick’s only forte though. He’s also an instrumental part in Jam Sessions (our version of brainstorms) at Rebuild Group on a regular basis. Nick relies on his “manic energy” and strategy of “two jokes and a good idea” to bring out the creative flow in everybody else. If you hear laughter coming from the conference room, it’s probably because of Nick.

For the whirlwind that is SEO & SEM, manic energy seems to be necessary. Nick has all but perfected the balance and is a Rebuilder that few of our clients forget. Check out the full video below: