We are no longer Rebuild Nation…

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

It started with a single client and a singular vision. It’s amazing how far we’ve come.

Rebuild Nation was established four years ago in a part of Midtown Detroit that reflected the values of our agency and ideals of our clients; visionary leaders from various industries who were bonded by a shared desire to reinvent their go-to marketing strategies.

From the very start, our clients were more than just numbers — they were valued partners. We built a relationship based on trust and transparency, not to mention a predictably fruitful return on investment that helped our clients achieve astounding growth.
Rebuild Group - The team (3)

To service their needs we built a culture of “rebuilders,” hiring and training the most inquisitive, optimistic, collaborative and fiercely committed marketing experts in the industry.

We’re thrilled about the work we’ve done for our clients. We’re even more excited about the future.

As our team has grown over the past four years, so have our capabilities. We’re no longer just a digital advertising agency. We’re still leaders in SEM, SEO, paid social, website development and more, of course, but we’ve expanded our services. We’re now proud to offer the highest quality of creative, digital media, digital ethnography, brand consulting, content development and more.

To better reflect our expanded capabilities, we felt it was important to rebrand our agency. And so on August 15, we officially became Rebuild Group. It’s a subtle change but it denotes a big transition to a more modern, comprehensive, and forward-thinking marketing communications company.

You can find out more at our new website: www.rebuild.group. Or call me at (855) 725-3628.

And finally, if you know of a company looking for a trusted partner that can balance digital and traditional media investments, please let me know so we can help them rebuild their marketing strategy!

Wishing you health and happiness.

Josh Gershonowicz, CEO
Steve DeAngelis, Partner & VP

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