Welcome to our Animal House


Here at Rebuild, we believe that dipping into our animal nature every now and then isn’t so bad (most of the time). Although, that begs the question, what animals do we all feel the closest too? Over the coming months, our Rebuild Reporter will be answering that, two people at a time. Our CEO, Josh Gershonowicz and Vice President, Steven DeAngelis have volunteered to shed some light on the mammals that motivate them.

Josh has chosen the ever-majestic elephant as his top animal of choice. When asked why he chose the wisest pachyderm on Earth, he laid it out real smooth.

So Josh, you chose an elephant as your favorite animal. Any special reason for that?

Josh: “Well you know, they’re just so cool and really intelligent. You know the saying, ‘An elephant never forgets’ and all that.”

Would you say that you embody those qualities? I imagine half of that has to be true since you’re leading Rebuild Group.

J: “Hey you said it, not me. But I think to be a good leader, you must be very observant and empathetic. Elephants have that type of personality in spades. I think my wife would agree…I hope! [laughs]”

I’m not sure about that, but you’re correct about elephant memory. It’s also been documented that they remember humans and come to them in times of need.

J: “I would be lying if I said I didn’t regularly go to my team for help in times of need, which is a lot [laughs]. But as much as I need them, they also come to me just as often. We’re all family in the end.”


Steven DeAngelis is second in command at Rebuild as our Vice President and Strategy Guru. He chose the mountain goat as his animal. When asked why, he was more than ready.

Alright Steve, you chose the mountain goat. What gives?

Steve: “Well first off, they’re not really goats, which is weird and cool. Second, they’re one of the few mammals able to live at 13,000 feet. I tend to push myself in a similar fashion, only in spirit though. I don’t think I’d be conscious at that altitude.”

Hey, you never know until you try and possibly regret it right? It looks like you’ve done your research on goats that aren’t goats. Did you stand on rocks at 60-degree angles when you were kid too?

S: “[Laughs] Not until I was a toddler. Those ball pits were a cake walk. Seriously, it’s crazy that from birth, kids (baby goats) have to learn how to climb mountains. I’ve always been thrown into the fray, so I identify with that a lot. Sometimes life tells you to sink or swim, or in this case, climb or fall.

Wow. You’ve survived a gauntlet of ball pits, climbed mountains in your career, and you’re a natural explorer as a strategy expert. You’re as goat-like as they come. But can you also jump 12 feet in the air?

S: “When my alarm goes off in the morning, I think I get pretty close.”


There you have it, the first foray into the animal spirits and personalities that keep us relatively sane. Plenty more interviews are on the way. In fact, the next batch of vict…I mean, “volunteers” will shed some light on why dolphins and bears are worth mentioning.